Launched towards the end of April, the Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS is turning out to be a hit as we checked the online shop and found out it’s out of stock. In addition, Lego has instated a two-item limit per order to give more customers the possibility to get one for $299.99 a pop. However, the bad news is you’ll have to wait about 30 days to grab one after placing an order since it will take a while for Lego to restock and ship the product.

Attached below we have a lengthy video showing all the goodies you get with the kit, including a massive instructions book which has close to 600 pages.

With no less than 2,704 pieces to put together, you are in for quite a treat. It should take around six hours to assemble the Lego-made 911 GT3 RS. Once completed, it will measure over 6 inches (17 centimeters) high, 22 inches (57 cm) long and 9 inches (25 cm) wide. The doors can be opened to check out the detailed interior cabin and you can also raise the rear lid to have a look at the flat-six engine with moving pistons.

To fully comprehend the level of detail, there’s a unique serial number inside the glove compartment while underneath the front hood is a storage area with a suitcase. How cool is that?

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