Both the driver and the passenger suffered minor burns.

A father and son get an unsuspected surprise when the classic Chevrolet Camaro they were driving in suddenly burst into flames.

Little is known about the incident but the pair were reportedly driving in Edmonton, Alberta when all of a sudden smoke starting filling the cabin. Shortly thereafter, a fireball erupted from the driver's side and surrounded the father.  The fire eventually spreads to the passenger side footwell as we can hear a frightened son call for his dad.

The cause of the fire remains unclear but we're happy to report both the father and son are okay. Unfortunately, they suffered some minor burns but it could have been much worse if the pair didn't escape in time or lost control of the vehicle.

While it's easy to speculate about what could have caused the fire, one possible cause is improper modifications as the Camaro was reportedly tuned to produce 700 horsepower.  That's far from definitive at this point but we'll likely never know what really happened.

Source: YouTube via Motor Authority