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Body kits from the Japanese tuner DAMD, which stands for Dream Automotive Development and Design, don't tend to be very tasteful, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. The firm's Dark Knight kit for the latest Mazda MX-5 Miata is aggressive but not overly cartoonish. It's really quite attractive, but the company might want to change the name to avoid the ire of DC and Warner Bros' lawyers.

The body kit's highlight is the front spoiler that has three silver fins in the center and sharp wings at the edges, which remind us of Batarangs. For its show car, DAMD paints these accents dark red, but customers get the parts entirely in gloss piano black or in matte black. The rest of the components include side sills, a rear diffuser, and a trunk lip spoiler, and their style continues the sharp-edged motif. If you want the interior to match, DAMD also offers black leather and suede seat covers with red stitching.

A translation of DAMD’s Website suggests the Dark Knight kit is available in fiberglass or carbon fiber. The parts come as a package, or customers can order them separately. For its show car, the tuner finishes the Gotham-ready look with a set of aftermarket wheels and Spirit Racing shocks.

A Miata would probably be the least expensive car in Bruce Wayne’s garage. However if the Batmobile is out of commission for a night, an MX-5 with DAMD’s body kit could fill in for the Caped Crusader's usual ride.

Source: DAMD via Auto Evolution

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