Sprinkles go flying everywhere.

Apparently June 3 is National Donut Day in the United States, and Nissan doesn't want to miss the chance for an easy automotive pun. To mix doing donuts with decorating doughnuts, drifter Chris Forsberg gets behind the wheel of a 370Z Nismo in a studio full of 2,880 pounds of sprinkles. We're not sure we'd want to eat any of these pastries after Forsberg is done driving over the candy, but the baked goods look like a lot of fun to prepare.

The 370Z Nismo's 350-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 can certainly fling sprinkles from the rear wheels, and wearing eye protection is a very good idea. The slow-motion shots show the bits flying everywhere. By the time he's done, it looks like Forsberg thoroughly covers the donuts and everyone in the studio. After spreading around the candy, the next logical step is to start a food fight and play in the leftover sprinkles.

We're not sure why donuts need a day of celebration, but it's fun to see automakers getting in on the action with a humorous video. Maybe next year Nissan could pack some pastries into the NV Cargo Van drift truck from April Fool's Day and start sliding around. 

Source: Nissan

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In celebration of June 3 as #NationalDonutDay, Formula Drift icon Chris Forsberg took to a production set in Southern California to put a unique spin on making donuts. Forsberg’s mission was to fling thousands of the tiny sprinkles onto more than 300 donuts using a Nissan 370Z NISMO as a utensil.

To be sure each of the cakes received ample coating, the team brought in two pallets of sprinkles weighing in at more than 2,800 pounds. Using all 350 horsepower on tap in the 370Z NISMO, Forsberg made 15 passes, ensuring a proper layer of sprinkles was achieved.

By the time it was over, more than 325 donuts and 120 boxes of sprinkles were used to create the stunt. However, the 370Z NISMO that powered the experiment proved to be the most delicious treat on the set.

Happy #DoingDonutZ, from Nissan.