An accident on the Autobahn near Dortmund, Germany, resulted in several injuries and damage to seven Porsche Cayman GT4s. The track-honed sports coupes were on a transporter when another truck rear-ended the vehicle, according to GT Spirit. As these photos show, some of the cars on board might not be repairable.

To make this bad situation even worse, the accident happened in traffic, and people from three cars had to go to the hospital. The authorities also closed down the road. According to GT Spirit, the police put the total price of the damage at over a million euros. At a base cost of 85,779 euros, the seven Cayman GT4s alone totaled at least 600,453 euros. 

These photos show the extent of the destruction, and the ones on the bottom of the transporter look the worst. The black GT4 is especially unfortunate because of its demolished rear corner. The white example also likely has a crushed roof. Only the yellow Cayman on the top tier appears fully intact, but these photos don't provide a close look at it. We hope that those injured make a full recovery and that these Cayman GT4 customers get replacements soon, so that they can enjoy Porsche's smaller hardcore sports coupe.

Thanks to Ray Ox for allowing us to use these photos.

Source: GT Spirit

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