Not too long ago, my Editor from Motor1 gave me a call. His voice, heavy with concern, had me worried, thinking the worst had happened.

“Justin,” he said. “It’s come to my attention that you’re a McLaren driver now, and I’m saddened you didn’t share the good news with me.” He continued, “Maybe you could have put a few photos on your social media or something. How else are we to know to congratulate you?”

After responding that adding exactly 31 McLaren photos to my Instagram page just isn’t my style, he suggested the following: “People still need to know. Maybe you should take a cue from the Ferrari tifosi and deck yourself out in some McLaren swag. And maybe take some pictures of yourself wearing said gear in front of your 675LT.”

I politely decline as, let’s face it, no one wants to see me on their computer screens and I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic. Besides, I can’t find the remote trigger to my camera system, and the McLaren deserves better than some blurry iPhone photos.

Well, I may be a McLaren driver (for a week) and I have the fever. Here’s a list of all the gear you need to show everyone that you’re a McLaren driver. Or at the very least, a McLaren team supporter.


McLaren Honda 2016 Team Cap

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t look cool getting in or out of the McLaren 675LT. But I do look cool once inside. Of course, then people can only see my head and face, so rocking this McLaren Honda 2016 Team Cap is a good way for me to show my continued support for the brand.

It’s the same hat worn by the entire McLaren Honda team. And it’s really good for me as, well, I pretty much wear a hat non-stop. Sure, I could get the Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso hat to complete the collection. But it would be awkward to talk with Button as a fellow McLaren driver when I’m wearing the hat of Alonso. Best to keep it neutral so we can all respect each other as equals and all.

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McLaren Honda Essentials T-Shirt

As much as I’d love to spend all day in the 675LT, I do need to get out of the thing once in awhile. I mean, I can’t go to the bathroom in there or anything. And when outside, there may be an occasion where I’m called to remove my hat. How to show my continued allegiance to being a McLaren driver then? This McLaren Honda Essentials T-Shirt will do the trick.

It’s a T-shirt, so not much really needs to be said about it. I’m super partial to the vertical, right-justified logo graphic as it reminds me of all the skate tees I used to wear back in the day. It’s a simple design as well, so unlike some other automotive-branded apparel, the simplicity of this shirt’s design helps keep it looking appropriate for just about every occasion.

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McLaren Honda Essentials Ultra Light Jacket

Speaking of apparel with cool, vertical logos, this McLaren Honda Essentials Ultra Light Jacket is right up my alley. It’s not something I can wear inside the 675LT. With all the sound deadening and insulation ripped out of the cabin in order to save weight, it gets damn hot inside the thing!

But since we’re having some cool-to-chilly temperatures recently, it’s the perfect accessory to wear while standing outside my McLaren. It’s not like people aren’t looking at me as it is, but I really feel the need to drive home that I’m the driver of the McLaren they’re all staring at. That bright red-orange zipper is the perfect match to this 675LT’s Delta Red color, too.

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McLaren Honda 2016 Team Water Bottle

Okay, even I know when to chill with all the McLaren talk and McLaren gear. Inside the gym is one of those times. I know some guys love to work out in shorts and a cotton T-shirt, but for a sweaty workout you might need more. So when it comes to exercise time, it’s Nike Dri-FIT for me.

That doesn’t mean I can’t drop a hint or two in the gym. Like maybe, say, carrying this McLaren Honda 2016 Water Bottle. Rocking a design and colorway similar to the light jacket, this water bottle makes the right kind of statement without shouting about it. But if you’re the type who loves to grunt and shout while lifting, fill this baby up with some Gnar Pump and have at it.

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McLaren Honda 2016 Team Beanie

McLaren Honda 2016 Team Beanie

After driving a McLaren 675LT gear  I’d like to think this McLaren Honda gear still applies to me as, well, considering my daily is a Honda. Okay, it’s an Acura, but it’s got the Honda “H” on the valve cover, and that’s good enough for me.

So I can still rep the racing partnership of McLaren Honda with a tiny degree of credibility, and apparel like this McLaren Honda 2016 Team Beanie gives me the “street” look that helps me fit in. Like the rest of the gear here, this has the same stylish colorway and vertical logo that gets me stoked. However, it makes me feel like I need to add some Delta Red accents to my Integra so that I can really nail this look.

I may no longer have the McLaren in my garage, but it will always be in my heart. Since I had both the McLaren and Integra in my garage, I guess that certifies me as an official McLaren Honda driver. And with this gear, I’ll have the outfit to prove it. Now if only I had thought ahead to share some of the pictures on Instagram…

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