Let's give it up for dads – the unsung heroes of the family, sacrificing everything so that we may have it a little better than they did. Dads are there for us whenever we need them – no questions asked – ready to provide advice, love and unconditional support.

In 1972, dads finally got the recognition they deserved when President Nixon declared Father’s Day an official, national holiday. And the very next day, some lazy marketer noticed "dads" rhymed with "grads," and now we’re expected to give gifts to a bunch of teenagers simply because they went to school.

Yes, yes, everyone gets a trophy these days, but this year let's make Dad the real MVP. Give him a call. Take him out for dinner. And maybe surprise him with a kick-ass gift as a token of your affection. Don’t cop out and get him a tie. And while a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug was cute when you were five, you’re a grown up now; put some thought into it.

If you’re reading this site, chances are it was your dad who helped foster your love of cars. So if you’re stuck thinking of something cool, maybe one of these items will do the trick.  

GT Office Chair


GT Office Chair

As soon as you moved out – and showed your parents that you were ready to stand on your own two feet – chances are your dad converted your old bedroom into the home office of his dreams. We know you’re a bit sad you still never got that Silver Spoons racecar bed in there, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t help Dad transform that room into a racecar-inspired space.

Step one is to get something like this GT Office Chair in there. While there are a few different colors available, we’re partial to the black-on-black chair – it’s subtle enough to work in even a “real” office space, yet has enough embellishments to make us say “vroom vroom” each time we take a seat. Unlike some of the fixed-back racing chairs out there, the GT Office Chair’s deeply bolstered seat can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Details like a billet “shift knob” seat adjustment lever, racing spring-style stem and a brake disc/caliper base also add the right amount of track-inspired flare.

It’s a nice change from the Herman Miller chairs we find in every office space, and if you do end up moving back in with your folks, this seat will perfectly compliment that racecar bed you know you’ll eventually buy.

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Ferrari F1 Fast Lap Watch


Ferrari F1 Fast Lap watch

Ferrari’s licensing arm knows no limits, which is great as it results kick-ass products like this Ferrari F1 Fast Lap Watch. And since your dad is still rocking that Timex from 1986, gifting him a stylish watch like this is a great way to show him how much you care.

The design of the watch face takes inspiration from the gauge clusters found in current-era Ferraris. And just as with Ferrari’s road cars, a lot of thought and care went into the construction of this Ferrari F1 Fast Lap Watch. The 11mm thick stainless steel case is PVD coated for a durable, tactical-style finish; that carbon fiber you see on the watch face is the real deal; and it’s water resistant up to 165 feet. The strap is made from a high-grade rubber, so dad can use this out in the field and still count on it to look good when business calls.

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Mininch MultiTool

Tool Pen - Metric, Gunmetal

If your dad is anything like ours, chances are he has discovered a passion for all things triathlon. While we’re glad to see our dads getting out there and challenging themselves, we can’t help but feel small and weak after seeing said dads complete a 140.6-mile race under their own power – we still struggle to jog more than 50 feet. It’s not a cheap hobby, either. The bicycles alone often cost more than our cars – and we’re talking the cars we bought using money from our grown-up jobs.

Just as they love tinkering with their cars, dads love tinkering with their high-dollar bikes as well. This Gunmetal Tool Pen from Mininch helps dad do both, by offering a stylish and portable way to keep key tools at hand.

The tool itself is like those rainbow pencils we all had as kids. You know – you pull the front tip out, push it into the rear, and then a freshly colored tip would pop back out of the pencil. Wait – that sounded dirty. All you really need to know is that this pen-sized tool carries a host of metric-sized bits to make any repair job that much easier. And if Dad prefers to fix things sized only in imperial units, Mininch has a tool for that, too.  

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Doc by Lyon Beton

 FOLDER Magazine Rack designed by Bertrand Jayr

We won’t make jokes about how Dad is stuck in the past with his magazines – much like you, your dad gets his daily info from a wide variety of sources, both printed and digital. And let’s be honest – there’s still something cool about having a glossy product you can hold in your hands. But chances are your mom is trying to find a place for all your dad’s car mags. So let’s spare him the indignity of yet another trip to HomeGoods and hook him up with something like this.

The Doc magazine holder by Lyon Beton is an industrial piece of art – one that just happens to nicely hold printed periodicals. Designed by Bertrand Jayr, Made out of a specially engineered concrete, Doc brings a masculine touch to any room. It’s durable as hell, and it will probably out-last you, your kids, and your grandkids. Its file folder shape makes for a fun design today, and it will have future archeologists thinking that we lived in a society that worshipped office work, which according to your one Facebook friend, our society does. Whatever, we just think this looks cool, and we’re confident that Dad will think so too.

Also, it adds that “garage” look, making it the perfect compliment to the GT Office Chair shown above.

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