Renault Sport has released a couple of teasers for the upcoming hot Twingo.

Renault announced plans for a spicy Twingo more than two years ago and now it’s almost ready to show it. We know for sure it won’t be called “RS” because Renault Sport said it will not be able to match the 133-hp output of the old Twingo RS. That’s why it is believed the pocket rocket will receive the “GT” moniker once it will be revealed in full very soon.

It has already been spotted numerous times testing in prototype guise, so we pretty much know what to expect from the powered-up city car. The Brabus version of the Smart ForTwo is rated at 109 horsepower (80 kilowatts) and 125 pound-feet (170 newton meters) of torque, so don’t be too surprised if the Twingo GT will have the same or a very similar output.

The Smart’s turbocharged 0.9-liter, three-cylinder engine is linked to a faster six-speed, dual-clutch gearbox which allows the ForTwo Coupe by Brabus to run the 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint in 9.5 seconds before maxing out at 102.5 mph (165 kph).

Besides getting a more powerful configuration of the TCe gasoline engine, the Twingo GT will also have different wheels, a stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, and a slightly more aggressive body. Some interior cabin tweaks are also on the agenda to further distance the beefier model from the regular Twingo.

Renault says it will soon reveal the car, so the wait is almost over.

Source: Renault Sport

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