This week, a trio of young children tumbled out of the rear hatch of a minivan and on to a busy Beijing street without their parent noticing.

By: Jason Marker

According to the Daily Mail, a driver stopped behind a minivan at a Beijing intersection witnessed the strange event. When the light turned green and the minivan accelerated away, the van's hatch popped open and a trio of young children tumbled out into the street. The van then drove off, the driver apparently unaware that his hatch was open and that he'd lost his children.

The children sat stunned in the street for a moment before one decided to make a break for the sidewalk. The other two remained in the street and watched the van take off. Thankfully, the van driver didn't get too far before he realized his error. Moments after driving off he stopped the van and ran back to collect his children.

This isn't the first time this year that a child has fallen out of a van in China. Back in March, a toddler fell out of a moving van while his grandparents continued around a roundabout unaware of what had happened. Then, in April, it happened yet again in Shantou, a city in Guangdong Province.

A 2014 study performed by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed a shocking disregard for child automotive safety by Chinese parents. Many parents who took part in the study didn't even use seat belts to keep their children restrained in a car, let alone car seats, boosters, or other specialized child safety restraints. The study concluded that child restraint policies and education approaches were desperately needed in China.

Source: The Daily Mail, American Journal of Preventive Medicine