The automotive destruction is always a highlight of the franchise.

The second-unit crew for Fast 8 continues to use Cleveland, Ohio, as a playground for shooting the upcoming film's action, and this clip shows that cars are falling out of the sky to make one of the stunts happen. After rolling out of a parking garage, the vehicles plunge to the street below and erupt in a pyrotechnic explosion.

Shooting in Cleveland is less expensive than filming in a bigger city, and these stunts are likely for some of the film’s action that’s set in Manhattan. The crew has been shooting there for several days. They started by rolling just one car out of a parking garage, and stunt drivers were reportedly practicing in a local mall’s parking lot.

While this team shot stunts in Cleveland, the stars have been filming in Cuba. It was the first time in decades a Hollywood production had permission to work there. The studio hasn’t yet released many details about the movie’s plot, but the producers already announced Charlize Theron as the hero’s “greatest adversary ever.” We also know Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Michelle Rodriguez have returned to the cast.

Fast 8 arrives in in theaters in the United States on April 14, 2017. Clips like this one suggests it’s another automotive action extravaganza, which should continue to perform quite well at the box office.

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