Chevy has developed a more efficient air intake system for the 2017 Silverado HDs fitted with the Duramax turbodiesel engine.

The 2017MY brings a patented air intake system which is basically a hood scoop to improve cooling of the engine and maintain its performances at all times, even when driving under difficult conditions. At the front of the hood there’s an inlet which provides 60 percent of the air to the turbodiesel Duramax engine. To make sure only dry air is drawn into the engine, Chevy’s new functional hood scoop benefits from a bespoke air/water separator.

The new air intake system had to be thoroughly tested in a wide variety of real-world driving conditions during rain and snow, as well as in dusty and windy areas. When driven at highway speeds, the new intake creates a ram-air effect from the incoming air, thus sending even more air into the engine to keep it cool.

Chevy goes on to specify the air filter housing draws 40 percent extra air from a dry location in one of the truck’s front fenders. It then blends with the cooler air from the hood inlet before entering the engine’s combustion chambers. This way, the engine has enough air even when the Silverado HD’s hood is entirely blocked.

It’s not only functional, but it also makes the truck look cooler as depicted in these images showing the Silverado 2500 HD in the LTZ trim.

Source: Chevrolet

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