Nissan intends to unveil a concept on February 1 at 8 PM EST (February 2 at 1 AM GMT) but haven't we seen it already? Attached is the YouTube video that will go live next week and it shows a teaser of the Max-Out originally unveiled in late November 2021. The automaker says its forthcoming EV will show what "happens when virtual becomes physical." It suggests the car has actually been built since Max-Out was previously shown only in renderings.

When Nissan initially unveiled the concept, it mentioned the two-seater electric roadster benefitted from an "ultra-lightweight" construction. The Japanese automaker also pointed out the vehicle had all-wheel drive, which implies it featured one electric motor at the front and another at the rear. The sporty EV had a low center of gravity and the "unique ability to morph the seating, flattening into the floor to offer more interior space when desired."

Nissan Max-Out concept

Nissan also gave it an Advanced e-4ORCE setup, which is marketing speak for a dual-motor AWD setup. The hardware was initially presented in October 2019 on a Leaf prototype that had a combined output of 304 horsepower and 680 Newton-meters (501 pound-feet) of torque. That was enough electric punch to deliver a "highly responsive, yet uncommonly smooth, acceleration." Technical specifications for the Max-Out were not provided.

Even if Nissan is about to show the Max-Out in the metal, we still wouldn't get our hopes up too high for a production version. Convertibles have fallen out of favor in recent decades and there's more money to be made in other segments, namely SUVs and trucks. An electric convertible is still very much a novelty, and it is unlikely people will flock to buy one. Turning the Leaf into a crossover for a 2025 launch is a bigger priority and we're sure the company has bigger fish to fry instead of spending time and resources on a droptop model.

When the Max-Out made its debut, it was showcased alongside the Chill-Out as a potential preview of the Leaf crossover. We also saw the Surf-Out single-cab pickup truck and a boxy Hang-Out hatchback looking like a futuristic Cube.

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