The Jay Leno's Garage series on YouTube regularly profiles some of most fascinating sports cars, race cars, and customs in the world, but this time the denim-clad comedian shows the ultimate way to carry those vehicles in style. Leno owns a replica of a '50s Mercedes-Benz racing transporter, and he uses it to haul an unrestored 300SL Gullwing.

The original Mercedes transporter existed to carry the German brand's racers to tracks around Europe, and it used the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine from the 300SL to reach over 100 miles per hour. Unfortunately, Mercedes destroyed the only one in the '60s. 

A Swedish fabricator created this replica, and then Leno further refined it into a vehicle he can actually use to haul race cars. The comedian's crew added air conditioning, a front access panel for the radiator, and extra storage along the side. Power still comes from a Mercedes engine, but now the donor is a truck from the '80s rather than one of the brand's iconic sports cars.

Leno's version isn't capable of original's the high-speed cruising, but the workmanship on the project is still amazing. Take a ride with him to see how the comedian is remembering a classic vehicle but slightly updating it to remain functional today.


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