Sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon the deal of a lifetime. This person's purchase of a 1995 Acura NSX-T seems like just such a bargain. The car has covered over 400,000 miles, but the buyer was able to get it for $29,000 after negotiating down the $35,000 initial asking price.

This NSX was for sale on Facebook. It belonged to a former architect who drove this car around 25,000 miles (40,234 kilometers) a year. He owned it for 13 years. The odometer currently shows 401,087 miles (645,487 kilometers).

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When the video starts, the car looks fantastic, but some flaws become visible during the tour. A collision with a motorcycle caused a dent in the passenger's side front fender. A semi hit the driver's side of the rear, which broke the taillight and cracked the bumper cover. A cover on the front fascia is also missing.

The previous owner took good care of this NSX. It came with a stack of receipts chronicling all of the repairs and maintenance. The car also received a set of BBS wheels and a new center console with room for a double DIN head unit. The reupholstered seats have red center sections.

According to the video's description on YouTube, the couple selling this NSX was preparing to move out of the country. These folks received over 300 messages on Facebook but most of them seemed like scams, they said. This buyer showed up with $29,000 in cash and made an offer. 

To put the price into perspective, Hagerty Insurance values a '95 NSX-T in good condition at $84,900. On duPont Registry, there are currently six first-gen NSXs for sale. The sellers are asking $94,892$134,888$189,995, and $129,900 for them. Two of the listings are "call for price."

The new owner plans to modify the NSX to make it look more aggressive. He wants to add a new front lip, wider fenders, a set of Rays TE37 wheels, and a rear bumper with a diffuser.

The NSX-T added an open-roof option to the model lineup. While not a true convertible with a retractable roof, the removable roof panel offered a similar effect.

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