Falls in line with DB11, DBX names.

Aston Martin is planning a new model with a new name. The automaker has filed a trademark in Europe for the name “DBZ,” which the European trademark office says can be used for, “Passenger cars; racing cars; car bodies.” The trademark was filed on June 1 by Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.

Though there is no word yet on what type of car will receive the DBZ moniker, the name falls in line with the company existing naming scheme for cars like the DB11 and DBX crossover. The most logical thought would be some sort of vehicle co-developed by Aston Martin and Zagato. The Brits have had a partnership with the Italian design house for decades, most recently showing a concept version of Zagato’s take on the Vanquish (pictured here) at Villa d’Este.

An Aston Martin spokesman declined to comment on the DBZ label, saying that, "we register trademarks all the time; I wouldn’t read anything specific into this one."

Aston Martin has many other models in the pipeline, however, that could receive a DBZ badge. There will be an all-electric Rapide, though most likely it will be called Rapide EV, plus a hypercar co-developed with Red Bull Racing that is currently codenamed “Project AM-RB 001.”

Source: Auto Guide

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato concept