At just 3.0-liters a BMW M4 has half the cylinders and less than half the displacement of the 6.3-liter V12 in a Ferrari F12berlinetta. However, the Bimmer packs two turbos whereas the Prancing Horse's mill is naturally aspirated. The BMW's forced induction layout gives tuners something to play with to push the output even higher, and the one in this drag race in Russia now has a claimed 700 horsepower. Check out the video to see if that's enough to beat the 740-horsepower F12berlinetta in a half-mile challenge. 

This race presents a good test for the BMW tuner's abilities. In stock form, there's no way for the M4 to win a fight against the Ferrari grand tourer. After the work, the Bimmer is still down on power, but the builders get to see if the upgrades are enough to even the playing field. They might even be able to beat the F12berlinetta.

You'll need to watch the video to find out the winner. Stay tuned until the end to see the cars' times through the quarter mile and across the finish line. The figures present a different perspective on the distance between the vehicles than what the clip appears to show.

Via: BMWBlog

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