Volvo is about to unleash so much wagony goodness on America.

From the brand that helped cement the station wagon's place in North America—and around the world—comes some great news. Things are looking up for the Volvo wagon portfolio, which is set to expand in North America with two new models.

In addition to importing the V90 wagon to the United States approximately a year after sales of the S90 sedan begin, Volvo will also sell a Cross Country-style variant in the U.S., according to director of corporate communications Dean Shaw. It wasn't originally part of the plan, he said, but the North American market has been clamoring for wagons, and Volvo is listening.


Volvo had hinted in early 2015 that strong response to Cross Country models could lead to the package's expansion to other vehicles.

Think of the V90 Cross Country as the successor to the aging, plastic-clad XC70, which is about to celebrate its 10th birthday. As seen in these early spy photos, the V90 Cross Country should get a higher ride height, all-wheel drive, and some luxuriously rugged fender cladding to make it suitable for some light off-roading, just like the company's other Cross Country models. You won't tackle the Rubicon, but you'll feel more confident bombing down a dirt road or plowing through a snowy subdivision. For obvious reasons, Volvo will be unable to call the V90 Cross Country the XC90. 

Stay tuned for our first drive impressions of the S90 and V90 duo soon.

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