To celebrate 50 years of McLaren in Formula 1, the 570S Coupe has received the M2B’s livery.

It was at the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix where McLaren made its debut in Formula 1 with the M2B. Half a decade later, the Woking-based marque is giving the road-going 570S Coupe a special livery with a central green stripe and silver edge as a nod to the M2B. McLaren’s street cars use technology derived from F1, so the connection between the two is more than evident.

Created just three years after Bruce McLaren established the racing team, the M2B was engineered with a monocoque which at that time was described by the car’s designer Robin Herd as being “an inverted top-hat section tub.” While that monocoque was made from mallite (end-grain balsa wood sandwiched between light-gauge aluminum), the 570S has a carbon fiber monocoque.

Just like the M2B, the high-performance coupe benefits from a double wishbone suspension both at the front and the rear. It takes advantage of adjustable dampers that can be configured by the driver via an Adaptive Dynamics Panel mounted inside the cabin, offering three modes: Normal, Sport, and Track.

The 570S Coupe’s carbon ceramic brakes also have a correspondent in F1 while the Seamless Shift Gearbox’s rocker-shift controls are similar to the MP4-31 driven by Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

McLaren isn’t saying whether it will offer this exact livery on the 570S, but you probably can get something very similar through McLaren Special Operations.

Source: McLaren

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