The rushing water has no problem throwing around his Wrangler.

Flooding continues to be a massive problem in Texas, and this person was at the right place at an unfortunate time to capture on video the rushing water's potential for devastation. The deluge carried away a Jeep Wrangler, and there was nothing the owner could do other than watching from the shore as it happened.

Kim Jacob posted the video on Facebook and told the depressing story of the guy on the shore. He apparently parked his Jeep Wrangler and waded across a bridge to check on his tent. However, the water went from knee-deep to a flash flood in just a few minutes. At that point, there was no way to save the stricken vehicle. Even if this was his mistake, it's hard not to feel some sympathy for the guy after such a traumatic event.

To get an idea of just how powerful this rushing water is, keep in mind a Wrangler weighs a few thousand pounds, and this one is carrying extra gear, too. The river still has no problem throwing the SUV around like a toy, though. Everyone in the clip remains surprisingly calm as they watch this tragedy happen in just a few seconds.