The Ram ProMaster isn't new to camper conversions. Its high roof and robust chassis make it a perfect base for a cool motorhome, but this 2020 model year example is probably one of the best we've seen out there.

Meet, the 2020 Ram ProMaster Stargazer. With 15,000 miles on the clock, it's currently looking for a new home, though its bevy of features will make you want it to become your new home for "vanlife."

This Ram 2500 ProMaster camper conversion is designed with space and comfort in mind, just like the ProMaster conversion layout we've seen before. Representing its Stargazer monicker, one of the standout features is its huge skylight roof that measures 3 by 4 feet (0.9 by 1.2 meters) and has a convenient slider that completely blackouts the light.

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Another notable feature is this van's shower, which takes up no space and is larger than most other conversion van showers. It's equipped with a hot water heater, allowing you to take hot showers on the go. The toilet is also a space-saving design, sliding out from under the sink on 250-pound drawer slides. The closet is large enough to hold 40 tee shirts, providing ample storage for your belongings.

The ProMaster Stargazer custom camper also has a four-stage reverse osmosis drinking water filter, ensuring that the water you drink is clean and safe. The fridge and freezer, by Dometic, holds 20 gallons (75 liters) – one of the largest you will find in a van conversion and it is also energy efficient. The van can also hold has 25 gals (95L) of fresh water, plus two grey water tanks under the van.

Meanwhile, the van is equipped with a 200aH Lithium battery by Renogy, which is overkill for most people's electrical use, and 400 watts of solar panels on the roof, so your battery will pretty much never be dead.

The Ram ProMaster motorhome conversion comes with a swivel seat, which makes the van feel more open and extends the living space into the cab. It also features a full-size bed, all lights are dimmable to your desired brightness, a single burner induction cooktop that heats food quickly and efficiently, and a 2000-watt inverter, allowing you to power almost anything. The van also has a "Bose Solo 5" soundbar and a standing desk.

Love the features? The Ram ProMaster Stargazer is currently for sale at Vanlife Trader with an $89,000 price tag. It's currently located in San Diego, California.

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