VW’s more humble car division Skoda has registered several of its nameplates with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

It was the early 60s when Skoda sold its last car in U.S., but the Czech marque might make a comeback in the years to come. For the very first time in North America, Skoda has filed trademarks to protect the Superb, Skoda Superb, Octavia, and Yeti monikers. Keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean the VW Group is planning to launch Skoda in United States. In many cases, companies (not just automakers) register names to avoid losing them to a rival.

We believe it would be a smart move on VW’s part to launch Skoda in the U.S. because many would appreciate the idea behind the modern Skoda, a cheaper and more practical VW. While the aging Yeti probably wouldn’t be a success in a sea of crossovers, the Octavia could be well-received as a more affordable, spacious alternative to the Golf. It’s the same story with the Superb which could prove to be a more than decent offering compared to the Passat which in the U.S. is still stuck in the previous generation.

With profits of the VW core brand significantly down in light of the Dieselgate, introducing Skoda in United States could turn out to be a wise decision. After all, Skoda has been on a roll in recent years thanks to great products designed for people on the look for affordable, no-frills cars and there has to be a sizeable market in U.S. as well.

Source: AutoGuide.com

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