Roush have announced the new TVS2300 ROUSHcharger, giving all owners of the 2005-2009 Mustang GT the possibility to pump up the power up to 700 horsepower. The new supercharger was first presented to us at the SEMA show last year in the P-51A Mustang, the model had a limited production run of just 100 units but this release shows the American tuning house is looking to offer it to the wider market.

The kit includes a cold air intake system, unique fuel rail with 52 lb.-hr. injectors, a dual 60 mm electronic throttle body, all hardware, brackets and instructions. On its own it will only boost the power output to 510hp but with a little help from custom tuners, consumers can look forward to nearly 200 extra horsepower flowing through to the wheels of the Mustang GT

"The gloves are off for the specialty tuners to get really creative with a ROUSHcharger® now," said Joe Thompson, general manager of ROUSH® Performance.  "We’re excited to see what some of these guys can do with the new TVS2300 ROUSHcharger® and really explore the type of performance that this new unit is capable of.  We’ve heard some numbers from a couple of exploratory installs already and I must say that they are very impressive."

The new TVS2300 ROUSHcharger is available for $5,899, owners of the existing ROUSHcharger system looking to upgrade can get it slightly cheaper at $4,999.

Roush Release New Supercharger for Mustang GT Capable of up to 700hp