They are especially important customers for the premium models in the segment.

Crossovers continue to be a booming segment around the world, and new research indicates ladies are leading the vehicles’ surge in popularity in the United States. Women prefer the utilitarian niche for the same reasons as most men: the latest models offer a combination of good fuel economy and plenty of cargo space in the back.

From 2010 to 2015, crossover sales to women jumped 34 percent versus a 22-percent increase among men, according to Bloomberg citing numbers from research firm MaritzCX. Ladies especially had a preference for the premium end of the market; purchases of them by females grew 117 percent during those years.

This shift in vehicle sales comes down to demographics. Women are getting married and having children later in life. In addition, single woman today tend to have more education and higher incomes. These factors lead to a group with money to spend and who want a vehicle to fulfill a variety of purposes, which a CUV does perfectly. In addition, over 66 percent of women in 2015 listed their crossover purchase as “entirely up to me,” Bloomberg reported.

Automakers have a lot to gain from appealing to female customers. Not only can they get a sale, but women also tend to show brand loyalty for future purchases, according to Bloomberg, She also might let friends know about the good treatment, which could bring even more shoppers into the showroom.

Source: Bloomberg via Automotive News