The riders didn't sustain serious injuries.

A driver near Tampa, Florida, captured a violent road rage incident on his cell phone camera on May 30. In the brief clip above, you can see the man arrive on the scene just as a silver Pontiac sedan drives over a couple on a motorcycle. The riders stood up after the impact in the video, and they declined medical treatment, according to the local WTVT Fox 13 News.

As the clip begins, the Pontiac driver and riders are yelling at each other, but the altercation’s exact cause isn’t clear. According to the YouTube description, the person who recorded the video also saw the car's driver try to run the motorcycle off the road before he started filming. After they stopped, the vehicle drove over the bikers, and the wheels actually lifted in the air over the motorcycle. The sedan then sped away. Several people followed the Pontiac driver, and police allegedly found a punctured tire in the vehicle's trunk when they arrived to make the arrest, according to Fox 13 News.

The driver now faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated battery. The Florida Highway Patrol called the alleged assailant “a habitual traffic offender,” Fox 13 News reported. 

Source: Fox 13 News