The issue should only affect production for a couple days.

An explosion on May 30 at a factory for braking components supplier Aisin Advics has forced Toyota to suspend or scale back production in Japan due to the lack of parts. The blast also sent at least four workers to the hospital.

According to Automotive News, Toyota is cancelling a shift starting May 31 for some production lines its Takaoka plant, which assembles the Corolla, iQ, Auris, Prius C, RAV4, and Japanese models, including the Harrier and Wish. On June 1, the shutdowns grow to the Motomachi plant, which makes the Mirai, Crown, Mark X, Estima, and Lexus GS, and Toyota Kyushu, which builds Lexus vehicles like the ES, HS, CT, RX, and NX.

At this time, Toyota says the problem affects some assembly lines at these plants, but the company doesn not say which specific vehicles lack the necessary brake parts. Production should restart in the next two days, according to Automotive News.

This is the third time in 2016 Toyota has scaled back production due to a lack of parts. An explosion early in the year at an Aichi Steel factory forced the company to eliminate weekend shifts and overtime hours to maintain enough supply. Extensive damage from earthquakes on the island of Kyushu also caused several automakers to suspend assembly in April.

Source: Automotive News