The stormy weather was a serious challenge for the racers.

The 2016 Nürburgring 24-Hour race had an exciting end thanks to the event’s closest finish ever, but the opening laps were equally thrilling when a hailstorm and heavy rain brought absolute chaos to the famous German track. The horrible weather started early in the grueling event, and the conditions were so bad that officials stopped the race for two hours, which was definitely the right decision. Racers were sliding all over the slippery course, and it made for amazing video. 

The clip above provides a bird’s eye view of what happened at one particularly slick corner of the ‘Ring. The bedlam started with a couple cars sliding into the gravel, but they just kept coming after that. Soon, racers pirouetted practically in unison off the course because the track was so slippery. After officials stopped the race, the camera crews were able to show another particularly nasty looking section of the Green Hell.

Check out the video below to see this action from the spectators’ level. The clip provides a much better context for how hard the rain is falling and how the deluge continues to get worse. The trackside crowd seems to get a kick out of the mayhem, though.

Via: Auto Guide