Ferrari has taken the wraps off yet another unique car, the 458 MM Speciale designed by Ferrari Styling Centre.

Mystery solved! As it turns out, that unique Ferrari spotted on the streets of Maranello a little over a month ago is the 458 MM Speciale. The car is wearing a lovely Bianco Italia paint combined with the Italian flag and a black A-pillar in the same vein as the iconic 1984 GTO. Compared to the regular 458 Speciale, the one-off MM comes with a different aluminum body and bespoke bumpers made from carbon fiber.

In addition, Ferrari has added a new side air scoop as part of the car’s elaborate aerodynamic package which also includes more steeply inclined coolant radiators sitting closer together compared to the standard 458 Speciale. The car’s side profile looks more dramatic now thanks to the more sloped roofline and the more prominent rake of the rear.

The reshaped rear had an impact on engine bay cooling, but that won’t be a problem as Ferrari has developed new side intakes which provide extra cooling for the naturally-aspirated 4.5-liter V8 unit. It continues to develop 605 horsepower (445 kilowatts) and 399 pound-feet (540 newton meters) of torque delivered to the wheels via a seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox.

Both headlights and taillights have been modified specifically for the 458 MM Speciale which rides on a set of wheels that you won’t find on any other Ferrari. Photos of the cabin are not available at this point, but we do know there are satin white accents, an upgraded sound system, tailor-made trim, and Cioccolato leather upholstery featuring white stitching.

Unveiled today at the Fiorano track, the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale belongs to an “enthusiastic British owner” and one can only imagine the premium he had to pay for all these tweaks.

Source: Ferrari

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