It's the next step after J1772.

I know, I know. News of an SAE standard for wireless charging for electric vehicles is not an exciting, sexy topic. But, hear me out. The fact that the J1772 connector was approved way back in 2009 wasn't sexy either. Still, it was a key moment in the development and growth of electric vehicles. Today, most hardcore EV fans know the J1772 name (in fact, maybe knowing what J1772 is is the thing that makes you a hardcore fan). Looking ahead to an era of wireless charging, the next alphanumeric code that will give you access to all secret EV VIP rooms will be ... J2954.

Technically known as SAE TIR J2954, we now have a new official code for wireless electric vehicle charging. The SAE International's PH/EV Wireless Power Transfer committee has been working on developing this standard sine 2010 and the committee chair, Jesse Schneider, called the new standard a "game changer." Of course, there are already aftermarket wireless charging options available for some popular EVs from Evatran/Plugless Power (the company's Plugless L2 model is pictured above).

Power levels for J2954 currently range from 3.7kW to 22kW, but that upper level could be expanded in a future revision. If we're all going to get to that easy future where we never have to physically plug in our cars and instead just drive over a wireless charging pad and let technology do its thing, we'll need a bunch of compatible cars. J2954 is an important next step in getting there.


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