Introduced in 2018, the current Bentley Continental GT was due for a mid-cycle refresh. Now in its sixth year, we've seen some limited edition cars but no substantial changes to the company's most sporting model. However, this week we spotted a new version of the car, and while it appears the refresh will be minor, it's enough to keep the Continental au courant.   

Gallery: Bentley Continental GT Facelift

Photographed in Sweden, the Bentley Continental GT wears updated front and rear fascias. Ignoring the temporary LED lightbar mounted for extra nighttime visibility, the lighting is subtly different. The headlights are redesigned with just some thin black tape obscuring their shape. In the back, more black tape and mesh wrap cover changes to the taillights. The rest of the car appears unchanged. However, the heavy snow does provide a bit of camouflage, so it's possible the Continental could receive some revisions to its sheet metal. 

If the subtle exterior changes are any indication, there likely won't be much new under the hood. Last year Bentley updated the W12 engine for the Continental GT Mulliner, increasing its output to 650 horsepower. The current car does 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 205 mph. Plenty fast for the clientele of the Crewe company. 

A more radical change would be a shift to a greener form of power. Last year, we spotted Bentley testing a PHEV version of the car. As early as 2021, the company indicated it was considering a Continental GT PHEV, citing customer demand for a more environmentally friendly model. Bentley is investing heavily over the next 10 years to upgrade the company's facilities and transition to EVs. By 2030, it plans to offer an electric version of all its models. Yet there's no indication of when an EV or PHEV version of the Continental would debut. 

Inside we also expect minimal changes to the interior. At most, the revisions should be limited to some trim changes and technology updates to keep the Continental competitive in the realm of automotive exclusivity.  

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