The Volkswagen Group has set a target to sell about one million electrified vehicles by the middle of the next decade.

VAG wants us to try and forget about the messy Dieselgate which is why it is intensifying R&D efforts to roll out more and more electrified cars. That being said, the ongoing huge emissions scandal is not the only reason why the group wants to launch a plethora of alternatively-powered cars. Carbon dioxide emission limits are getting stricter and stricter in many areas around the world, so the Volkswagen Group needs to work on more “green” cars that it can legally sell in those pollution-fighting countries.

The German automotive conglomerate estimates that it will have to sell around 1 million hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric cars annually by 2025 in order to meet the stricter CO2 targets. The first step is to expand the portfolio of cars which are less harmful to the environment by 20 new models by the end of the decade. Some relevant examples worth mentioning include the all-electric Audi Q6 due in 2018 and a production version of Porsche’s stunning Mission E concept.

At the heart of VW’s efforts to build more electrified cars will be the new MEB architecture which will underpin a wide array of vehicles. It’s going to be a modular platform which means the engineers will be able to adapt the hardware to numerous vehicle types and body structures. Some of the pure electric cars are going to have a maximum range of up to 310 miles (500 km) and at the forefront of the VW core brand will be the second-generation Phaeton set to spawn an EV version.

VW brand production chief Thomas Ulbrich revealed in a recent press event in Wolfsburg the company is ready to double production of electrified cars at three European factories in case of a surge in demand. He went on to specify VW already has the capacity to assemble as much as 75,000 electrified cars or even more each year, but right now there’s not enough demand to match the production potential.

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