We are happy to report that at least one more second-generation Chevrolet Bel Air is going to be saved. This one has been sitting abandoned in an old garage (which actually collapsed on top of the car) but thankfully, it will receive the attention it deserves. But before the restoration can begin, the vehicle needs a thorough wash that will show its actual condition. 

This is actually the second video from this Bel Air series. In the first one, the folks over at WD Detailing gave the exterior of the car a detailed wash but it is now time for the interior to get a much-needed cleaning. We have to admit this is one of the worst condition interiors we’ve ever seen and we doubt the cleaning and washing will bring much improvement. The good news is that many components inside the cabin aren’t even original and the detailing team simply has to take away all the unneeded parts to make it easier for the restoring team to work.

For starters, the seats aren’t original and their mounts are completely covered in rust. As the process of preparing the interior for restoration goes on, it becomes clear that almost everything inside the car needs to be taken away and will most likely not be used when the rebuilding begins. The seats, the ceiling, the door panels, the carpets… everything is simply thrown away. That doesn’t make the car look better, though it is a good base for the upcoming restoration.

There’s more good news. The car is going to be restored back to its original form by another Youtuber and the entire process is going to be filmed and released. We can’t wait to see that poor 1957 Bel Air hit the streets again and we will make sure to follow the entire process. It will be epic.

Unfortunately, we can’t hear the car’s V8 engine in this video. It seems like there’s some problem with the wiring but at least the engine is not seized. The previous owner last used the car in 1993 and it’s been sitting abandoned for 30 years. Will it ever run like new? Let’s hope so.

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