The Mitsubishi Outlander normally doesn't generate a lot of buzz but one model in the United Kingdom had plenty as it was swarmed by hundreds of bees.

According to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger Tom Moses, the bees swarmed the crossover for two days so he contacted a beekeeper to help safely remove them from the car.  The first beekeeper started sweeping them into a box but had to leave before the job was finished.

Moses then called a second beekeeper who arrived and continued putting the bees into a box.  Everything was going well and the two began looking for the queen.  She couldn't be found and the two assumed it was already in the box or hiding in the tailgate of the crossover.

Unfortunately as they were looking, a "drunk bloke" came out of a nearby bar and decided to help by sweeping a load of bees off the Outlander with his bare hand.  This was a bad call as he was stung multiple times.

Thankfully another beekeeper arrived shortly thereafter and donned a protective suit.  This particular beekeeper was able to use a smoker to subdue the bees and remove them from the car.

Source: ABC News

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