Kia’s hamsters are back in a new, musical ad for the Soul. The upbeat spot offers a few looks at the brand’s popular hatchback, but the major focus is just about enjoying some tunes. You can check out the two-minute version of the commercial above. A one-minute cut will begin airing soon, starting in movie theaters.

The ad’s positive message shows how music can bring people together. At the beginning of the commercial, Kia’s pitchrodents show up in a Soul at a park to play the classic Dueling Banjos. More musicians join the song and eventually 30 instruments, including a sitar and bagpipes, are playing the tune together. During the spot, several versions of the South Korean brand’s boxy hatchback arrive, too.

Kia introduced the hamsters to its ads in 2010, and their commercials with pop songs like Gangnam Style and Party Rock Anthem have collected millions of views online. People clearly love to watch the anthropomorphized rodents showing off their dance moves. It’s a simple recipe, but Kia keeps presenting interesting ways to keep the idea fresh.

If you want to get behind the scenes and see how Kia recorded the song for the ad, check out the clip below.

Source: Kia 

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