Finally, a stock car that lets your carry the whole family.

If you long for the days when the highest tiers of NASCAR raced vehicles that actually looked like what was available for the street, then this custom 2009 Chevrolet Impala SS might need to find a place in your garage. This motorsport-inspired machine comes road legal and already has a New York title, which means the thrill of driving it is available every day.

Even if NASCAR doesn’t get your motor running, you have to admire this custom’s build quality. Mechanically, it’s as far away from a 2009 Impala as anything could be. For example, a tube-frame chassis sits below the steel body panels. Underneath the hood, power comes from a 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) V8 from General Motors with a claimed 460 horsepower, and a Tremec five-speed manual sends the engine’s grunt to the rear wheels.

A real stock car would be intolerable to drive very far on the road, but this one might border on comfortable. Occupants can enjoy air conditioning and a radio. Plus, it has features that don’t exist in NASCAR, like functioning headlights. There’s also room for four people inside, and each seat as a four-point racing harness. That means you can take the whole family for a lap around the track on the way home from going out for ice cream.

The builder claims the NASCAR-tribute Impala cost over $100,000 in materials and required 2,000 man-hours of labor. It’s on eBay now for $69,000. If you’re willing to look like you just drove off of Daytona while taking a ride around town, it could be an interesting investment.

Source: eBay via Boldride

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