Some of the vehicles were nearly underwater.

A row of about 20 parked cars plunged into a sinkhole in Florence, Italy, in the early morning on May 25. The incident happened along the bank of the Arno River in the city after a water line under the street burst. The resulting trench measured 656-feet (200-meters) long and 23-feet (7-meters) wide.

According to BBC News, police arrived at the scene of the broken pipe after midnight. Later, the soaked ground gave way, and the vehicles fell into the newly created ditch. There were no injuries in the collapse, the city's mayor said.

Italian Website Omni Auto reported the sinkhole caused an estimated 5 million euros ($5.6 million) in damage. Some of these vehicle owners might have a legal fight ahead, too. If the people don’t have insurance to cover this type of accident, the drivers need to submit a complaint to the city or the water company. That process could take a while.

The video above offers a closer look at the damage and shows running water flowing into the hole. Several vehicles are almost completely submerged. The photos in the gallery below do a better job at providing some context for the size of the opening. 

Source: Omni AutoBBC News

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