While we can’t argue with the fact that Tesla Motors’ Autopilot system is very advanced, it’s still not able to serve as a substitute for human control. That is why the Autopilot installed in the Model S and Model X sends out a warning whenever the computers do not have all the necessary data to control the vehicle in a safely manner. If the driver decides to ignore the warning, the car automatically starts to decelerate and the hazard lights are turned on as a way to lower the risks of an accident.

This guy put too much faith in the technology and decided to rest a bit by taking a short nap behind the wheel while the Autopilot’s Autosteer and active cruise control did all the work for him. Hopefully this won’t become the norm as the technology is still a work in progress and we can’t rely entirely on computers, yet.

While some are saying the attached video is nothing more than a hoax, it does serve as a reminder that truly autonomous cars are still a ways off and until then we need to keep our eyes on the road. Abusing Tesla’s Autopilot system and any other similar hardware is just wrong and poses a great risk not only for the person behind the wheel, but also for the other traffic participants.

Source: electrek.co

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