Brilliant is the right name for this exhaust company.

Turn up your speakers or earbuds and enjoy the amazing sound of this Mercedes-Benz S600 W140 from the ‘90s. This luxury sedan packs a big 6.0-liter V12 under the hood, but it’s usually rather sedate because the wealthy buyers wouldn’t want to hear the engine when cruising at high speed along the Autobahn. Japanese exhaust company, Brilliant, comes to the rescue and unleashes the powerful engine’s inner demon. If you ever imagined an S-Class that sounded like a Pagani Zonda, this company had made that dream into a reality.

According to the YouTube description, the sedan has Brilliant’s headers and exhaust, and the combo makes the S600 scream. The amazing part of this video is that it doesn’t appear the driver is going egregiously over the speed limit to get this huge sound. Even light acceleration is enough to make the tailpipes snarl.

Brilliant's prices don't seem too extravagant given the dramatic results. The company’s Website doesn’t have a listing for the W140’s exhaust, but it does show the later W220 S600, some of which also have a naturally aspirated V12. The system costs 900,000 yen ($8,170 at current exchange rates). That’s a lot, but compared to other parts for a 20-year-old, flagship Mercedes sedan, it’s not crazy. In fact, hearing the engine play this song everyday is probably worth every yen.

Via: Shifting Lanes