App has already assisted users to take more than 40,000 trips.

BMW i Ventures has announced it has made a strategic investment in the company behind the carpooling app Scoop.

Launched by Scoop Technologies last August, the Scoop app has already assisted users to take more than 40,000 trips.  This has helped to offset nearly 500,000 commute miles for riders.

While the app's name might not ring a bell, the service was originally launched in Pleasanton, California.  It has recently expanded to other areas of the golden state including Palo Alto, North San Jose, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale.

For those unfamiliar with the app, the service partners with major employers, office parks, and local governments to offer employees an affordable and effective transportation solution. Some of these companies include Airbnb, Cisco, Microsoft, Tesla, and Sandisk.

Once downloaded, the app connects co-workers and neighbors who live in the same neighborhood and work in the same area.  Users then select a one way trip and decide whether to ride or drive.  The company's algorithm then matches them to a carpool with neighbors or co-workers for the most efficient commute.

According to BMW i Ventures boss Ulrich Quay, “Scoop’s carpooling offer is a great help for urban traffic and parking problems in cities, but it also enables employers in finding and supporting sustainable transportation solutions for their employees. Through this investment, BMW Mobility Services and Scoop together could offer a practical carpooling solution to a problem facing cities, starting here in the United States.”

Source: BMW

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