Tiff Needell has been hosting motoring shows for the last 29 years.

Another team of talented motoring show hosts might be out of work in the U.K. because Fifth Gear is likely finished. Tiff Needell broke the news in a series of tweets. When asked if he had left the show, Needell clarified that money issues were the culprit for the probable cancellation.


Fifth Gear premiered in 2002. It never had the expensive stunts of rival Top Gear, but hosts like Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson still presented an entertaining program for over a decade. Channel 5 cancelled Fifth Gear in 2009. However, the show came back in 2010 and has appeared on a few channels in the U.K. since then, including Discovery, History, and ITV4.

Formerly a racer, Needell joined the Top Gear team in the late ‘80s. Perhaps his former co-worker Jeremy Clarkson could hire the experienced host to join him for The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.

Via: CarScoops

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