Aussies rejoice! Due to popular demand, BMW has announced plans to send up to 100 extra units of the M2 Coupe to your country this year.

Bayerische Motoren Werke initially earmarked 300 units of the first ever M2 for the Land Down Under for 2016, but those were sold right away. If you are among those who missed the opportunity to buy the high-performance coupe, BMW Australia says it will receive a supply increase of up to 33 percent, so as much as an extra 100 cars will be produced this year in Australian specification. That’s great to hear since the current waiting list stretches out to more than six months.

The M2 Coupe kicks off at $89,900 in the “Pure” version with the six-speed manual transmission whereas the one with the seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox will set you back $98,900. The latter also has additional kit, including adaptive headlights, Harman Kardon audio system, electric and heated front seats, and keyless entry.

Those extra M2 units destined for Australia will be allocated from August production and BMW estimates the majority of the vehicles will arrive before the year’s end.

BMW Australia’s M portfolio currently includes the M2, M3 Sedan, M4 Coupe/Convertible, M5 Sedan, M6 Coupe/Convertible/Gran Coupe, X5 M, and the X6 M. The limited-run hardcore M4 GTS will join the lineup this September, but only around 10-15 units will be available at an estimated price of more than $250,000 (that’s up by $100,000+ than a regular M4 Coupe).

Source: BMW Australia

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