It's a fact that zombies won't die quickly. Some cars, too, apparently, and in 2022, there were vehicles sold despite leaving the market a few years back. These dead-but-alive cars come in various forms. Some are fast while some are meh, but they all have one thing in common – they refuse to get off the US sales chart.

Let's start with Stellantis, which reported the most number of zombie automobiles in 2022 at 48. The automaker sold a total of 24 Fiat 124 Spiders, 8 500s, 8 500Ls, 1 Alfa Romeo 4C, 2 Chrysler 200s, 1 Dodge Viper, and 4 Darts.

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Of note, the last Dodge Viper rolled off the line in 2017, while the last examples of the Dart and Chrysler 200 were made in 2016. The Fiat 500 was discontinued in 2019, while the 500L and 124 Spider were removed from the lineup after the 2020 model year. The Alfa Romeo 4C exited the US market in 2018, with Spider following the path a few years later. The Stellantis 2022 US sales chart didn't indicate whether it was a coupe or a convertible that was sold.

Luxury automakers had their share of zombie models in 2022. BMW reported five i8s sold despite ending its production in 2020. The i3, which ended its production in the US in 2021, also saw nine examples being sold last year.

Toyota's Lexus sold its own dead car in the form of two GS units; the Grand Sedan was discontinued in 2020. Meanwhile, Nissan's Infiniti reported one Q70 sedan, which exited the US after the 2019 model year. Honda's Acura had the most number of zombie cars among the Japanese luxury marques, reporting three RLXs sold a few years after leaving the market.

Kia America also sold a zombie car for 2022. The Cadenza, which left the Korean marque's US lineup in 2021, found one owner last year.

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