Tesla introduced the "yoke" steering wheel in 2021 as part of an update to the Model S and Model X ranges. Some customers bucked at the idea, but CEO Elon Musk was adamant the yoke was here to say. Now, though, it looks like Tesla has backtracked on that original sentiment.

First reported by Electrek, Tesla updated its online configurator earlier this week to include a no-cost round steering wheel option for both the Model S and Model X. You can still go for yoke on either of those cars at no cost, but customers that already have vehicles with a yoke steering wheel will have to pay extra.

As pointed out by YouTuber and Tesla owner Marques Brownlee on Twitter, retrofitting a traditional round steering to your yoke-equipped car will cost you an extra $700. The Tesla website does list the retrofit option on its shop, but the company says it won't be available until March.

2023 Tesla Model S
2023 Tesla Model S

However, unlike the original round steering wheel on the Model S, this one is without one key feature: indicator stalks. Drivers will still have to use the touch-capacitive indicators on the wheel itself, a concept first introduced on the yoke.

Beyond the steering wheel's return, Tesla included a few other subtle updates to both the S and X. Both cars now feature a "TESLA" wordmark on the trunk lid as opposed to the traditional Tesla logo, red brake calipers are back, too, and the Model S Plaid reportedly boasts better brakes with a higher thermal capacity. The Model 3 and Model Y forego any changes and still offer a standard steering wheel as the only option.

The Tesla Model S currently starts at $106,990 with the $1,200 destination fee included, while opting for the Plaid will cost you $137,190. The Model X, meanwhile, starts at $122,190 for the base dual-motor all-wheel-drive model while the Plaid costs $131,790.

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