Driving a Lamborghini Aventador is a sure way to grab some attention on the road, but if a person really want to turn some heads in the United States, give the Italian supercar a Donald Trump-themed vinyl wrap. Some people always like pushing things to the limit, though. So if you want even the Secret Service to check out your ride, follow this guy’s lead by parking the audacious vehicle as close to the White House as possible.

Dubbed the Trumpventador, this custom Lambo wears Donald’s face across the hood with metallic stars as the background. The rest of the vehicle has some of his slogans, including “you’re fired” beneath the exhaust, “Trump Train,” and “Make America GR8 Again.” This final message suggests the owner’s Trump support might not be entirely sincere. This Aventador recently took part in the eighth running of the Goldrush Rally, which was abbreviated GR8. Connecting it with the Republican's campaign motto possibly showed there was a little humor in choosing the political motif.

As this video shows, driving such an audacious vehicle through the capital gets people’s attention. To take the idea even further, we think this guy needs to have a buddy create a Hilary Clinton-themed wrap on a Ferrari to create the Hila-ri, and then drive both supercars back to Washington D.C. The reactions – both positive and negative – would be stupendous.

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