The hatchback finishes its flight with a huge splash.

This sleepy driver in Braila, Romania, put even the biggest jumps from Ken Block’s video to shame when he launched his hatchback into the air off the lip of a roundabout. The city’s cameras captured the massive leap, which carried the car through the intersection in spectacular style. With this clip gaining popularity online, the driver now has a constant reminder not to drive tired.

According to Auto Evolution, the driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel, and he probably had some very interesting dreams as his car was hurtling through the air. The splash into a huge puddle at the other side of the roundabout must have been a rude awakening, though. The guy’s likely terrified girlfriend was reportedly a passenger at the time, but the crash didn’t seriously injure the occupants. If the couple stays together after this jump, we imagine she’s doing most of the driving at night in the future.

Unfortunately, the cameras didn't capture the audio for this clip, but the impact into the puddle must have been thunderous. Just a few seconds after the crash, a dog even ran into the roundabout to see what just happened. Thankfully, humans also eventually arrived to help the shaken couple.

Source: Auto Evolution