These electric karts could race in Germany someday.

The next Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel might get their start in racing in an electric kart. A concept called the Electro Kart remains in the early stages right now, but a functioning prototype shows the initiative isn’t too far from reality. The vehicle even zipped around at the recent Formula E round in Berlin to demonstrate this possible future for the starting rung of motorsports.

The Electro Kart project is a collaboration among the FIA, Bosch Motorsport, Mach1, and the Deutscher Motor Sport Bund, which is Germany’s racing governing body. The firms don’t offer technical details about the little racer yet, but it looks suitably quick for competition in the video below. A Facebook post by DMSB president Hans Joachim Stuck claims the kart can go full throttle for 18 minutes and needs just 30 minutes to recharge afterwards.

“Within the FIA, we are very interested to further push alternative drives in racing. As karting usually is the beginning of a racing career, it is the ideal platform to do so,” Burkhard Göschel, head of the FIA Electric and New Energy Championships Commission, said about the concept.

Motorsport marketing and organizing agency IKmedia will coordinate the creation of a racing series for the Electro Kart. The firm’s announcement doesn’t offer a timeframe of when that could happen, though. You can get idea of the concept’s performance in the video below. It’s practically silent except for the squealing tires. The driver seems to enjoy the brief run, though.

Source: IKmedia

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