Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda said he "did a little happy dance" in 2022 when he found out his automaker outsold General Motors in the United States in 2021. Toyoda doesn't get to do another jig this year because GM holds the sales crown for the country once again. 

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA), which includes Toyota and Lexus, delivered 2,108,458 vehicles in the United States in the 2022 calendar year. This was down 9.6 percent from the 2,332,262-unit volume in 2021.

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In comparison, GM moved 2,274,088 vehicles across its brands in the US in 2022. This figure was up 2.5 percent from delivering 2,218,228 units in 2021. The General regained the title of the largest automaker in the US.

Both the Toyota and Lexus divisions of TMNA saw sales decreases in 2022. Toyota's volume dropped 8.8 percent 1,849,754 vehicles. The numbers for Lexus fell 15.0 percent to 258,704 units.

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The RAV4 was Toyota's best-selling product in 2022. The company delivered 399,941 of them, which was down 1.9 percent from the 407,739 units in 2021.

In comparison, only one of GM's brands had a year-over-year sales decrease. Buick's figure dropped 42.4 percent to 103,519 units in 2022. Cadillac was up 13.9 percent and moved 134,726 units. Chevy saw a 5.6 percent gain with 1,518,048 deliveries. Finally, GMC delivered 517,649 trucks and SUVs, which was a 7.3-percent improvement.

The light-duty Chevrolet Silverado was the highest-selling product among all of GM's brands. Chevy moved 324,603 of them, which was down 14.7 percent from the 380,715 units in 2021.

For 2023, look for Toyota and GM to introduce more EVs in the US. More models in the bZ family should be on the way. Electric versions of the Blazer, Equinox, and Silverado are coming, too.

Global sales in 2022 aren't yet available from either brand. In 2021, Toyota was the world's largest automaker with total deliveries of 10,495,548 vehicles. The business topped the Volkswagen Group, which had a volume of 9,305,000 products.

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