Try to contain your excitement. Through these teasers Nissan is providing a first glimpse of its NV300 midsize van.

Set to replace the Primastar, the NV300 will be slotted between the already available NV200 and NV400 workhorses from Nissan. It’s actually going to be built by Renault at its Sandouville plant in northwest France where it will share the assembly line with the latest Renault Trafic from which it will borrow most of the hardware.

Needless to say, it will look a lot like the Trafic, but with Nissan’s corporate “V-Motion” front grille and the latest take on the “Emotional Geometry” design language. We haven’t seen so far any vans with an emotional design, so don’t hold your breath for a truly attractive LCV, especially since we know about its Trafic roots.

Prospect buyers will be happy to hear Nissan will sell the NV300 with a five-year / 160,000-km warranty across Europe and with five years of roadside assistance cover. The warranty will be entirely transferable which means it will remain active for second and subsequent owners. The same thing will be applicable for all of the genuine accessories that Nissan will offer for the NV300.

Nissan says it will provide all details in September when the midsize van is going to be officially introduced at the Hannover Motor Show in Germany. It will go on sale shortly after that and is going to be available in a wide array of derivatives, including as a combi passenger vehicle.

Source: Nissan

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