In addition to automotive manufacturers, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show also features several technology companies. Harman, the auto tech subsidiary of Samsung, is also on display at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas with a number of products that are ready now for integration by OEMs. Among them is a new augmented reality head-up display, as well as a few other interesting features.

The so-called Harman Ready Vision serves as an alternative to the growing number of screens inside modern vehicles. It takes the shape of a large color head-up display with traditional hardware with an edgeless display and a large field of view. New here is the augmented reality software, which provides “the right content, at the right time, with the right level of visual detail.” Or, simply put, Harman wants to give the drivers only the information they during driving in a form that is easy to read and understand.

Gallery: Harman at 2023 CES

Another interesting new technology from the company is the Harman Ready Care which is described as “the industry’s first closed-loop interior” which follows the driver’s level of focus and attention on the road. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system compares the driver’s behavior between focused and distracted states and gives alerts to help the driver mitigate dangerous situations on the road. Interestingly, there are sensors that contactlessly measure the driver’s vitals to determine their state of well-being.

Another new safety feature is the so-called Sound and Vibration Sensor and External Microphone, which detects emergency vehicle sirens, glass breakage and vehicle impact, and others. External mics can be used for communication between passengers and emergency vehicles.

Harman’s new technologies can be seen in action at the company’s stand during the 2023 CES. The firm says all its new features can work independently or can be integrated into a common environment to provide enhanced safety. Each innovation has been designed to meet the automotive industry’s standards and is ready to be installed into all kinds of vehicles, including EVs.

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