Former Top Gear star questioned about Richard Gere in NPR show.

Ben Collins, known among many other things for serving as the taciturn white-suited test driver The Stig on Top Gear, took a break from fast cars to joining the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Crew on NPR.

Collins, whose resumé also includes stunt driving in the James Bond film Spectre and racing professionally in Europe, called in to Wait Wait to chat with host Peter Sagal. As part of the recurring segment Not My Job, Sagal asked the former Stig about a wholly unrelated topic: Actor Richard Gere, a play on Collins’ former employment with Top Gear.

First, however, Sagal and Collins talked about the driver’s background in cars, which began when he drove a John Deere tractor at age four. Unfortunately, Collins was too short to reach the brake pedal, and crashed into a fence. Since then, he’s made a name for himself driving quickly all over the world, including managing to hide his identity as The Stig for more than eight years with the BBC. His role also put him in touch with A-list celebrities like Tom Cruise as  he coached them for Top Gear’s Star in a Reasonably Price Car segment.

“The Stig is kind of like Darth Vader but in a white suit,” explains Collins. “My job was to test these great cars… test them to destruction, pretty much, around our racing track.”

Still, all this experience did very little to prepare Ben Collins to answer trivia questions about Richard Gere. Take a listen to how he did on Wait Wait in the clip below.


Source: NPR

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