Spends £1,495 for the Japanese city car.

Official state cars are used by the governments of different countries to transport head of state or head of government during official visitations and, naturally, due to the high risk for the passengers these, machines are often heavily secured. The Prime Minister of Australia, for example, is using a white armored BMW 7 Series, while German presidents, chancellors, and senior politicians are using Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars in their latest generations.

And while the Prime Minister of the United Kngdom, David Cameron, is usually driven in an armored Jaguar XJ Sentinel, escorted by Land Rover Range Rover or Discovery, his wife will be driving a used Nissan Micra.

It turns our Cameron visited Witney Used Car Centre in Oxfordshire with his security guard to take a look at a blue Micra with 92,000 miles (148,000 kilometers) on the clock, priced at £1,495 ($2,165).

“I think he must have seen it on the internet, a British-made car, five-door hatchback, not too expensive, within 10 miles of his constituency,” Iain Harris, owner of the dealership, explains the situation. “And he found this one.”

On the next morning, Cameron returned to pay the price and take the car, but, as the seller says, he didn’t receive any special treatment.

“I didn’t give him a discount, he paid the screen price, got the log book, went to the post office to pay the tax and off he went,” Harris commented. “But it’s not like he was buying a £20,000 car, then it might have been different. And then I thought, I’ve just sold a car to the prime minister.”

Source: The Guardian; Photo: Witney Used Car Centre on Facebook